Do you want to do business with Middle East, Europe or Asia?


Asia and particularly Middle East are the fastest growing economies in the world and offers you many opportunities to create a profitable business. It is however challenging to succeed, whether you're selling to or buying from these markets. Outsourcing your sales and working with a consultancy who have real market experience is a great way for you to get started doing business. If you want to save a lot of time and effort doing business with and within Asia safely, securely and profitably with managed risk, contact Persepolis now.

Doing business in named markets can be both profitable and exciting, but it can also seem frustrating and problematic when you first start. Dealing with a very different business culture requires some adjustments in the way you approach this market. To be successful you need to dedicate a significant resource, in both time and effort, to develop the relationships that are needed for success. There are few shortcuts but with our existing network of connections we can smooth the way.

Risk management and consultancy

We are able to support you in your early days and grow with you as your business develops by offering a variety of support services that make doing business with/in Europe, Middle East and Asia much simpler. Persepolis Trading, are specialists in translating your current and new information into English, German, Scandinavian and Persian (Farsi), advising you on regulations applied to your products and your services, through to offering office facilities, accompanying you on visits to meet customers or suppliers, and developing and managing distribution networks. You will be safe in the knowledge that once you have received any of our services, you will continue to have support into the future.

You benefit from our experience of over 20 years involvement in international trade, with over a decade concentrating on doing business in these markets. We offer practical, no nonsense guidance and services that help companies, at all levels, to safely and successfully develop their market related business. Yes, there is a cost, but we believe that the benefits using an experienced consultant helping you to do business in the markets are more than paid for by improvements in profitability.

How Persepolis helps your business


Successfully doing business in named markets

are all about building relationships and developing an understanding of their starkly different business culture. There are invariably language issues as well. English is spoken in these markets, but what is said is often not quite what is meant and so it is vital to clearly understand any buying agreement. You work with an experienced team of multilingual business managers who ensure that you have a very clear understanding of what is happening.

When you visit a buyer, a supplier or attend an exhibition you don't just have an interpreter, but rather someone who has your company’s business development at heart. At the end of your trip you will have a comprehensive brief of what has been achieved. You will be working with a team that is looking at the long term successful growth of your business. After all, if you are successful we are successful.

You can benefit from a very flexible approach to working, with a wide range of service programs to suit every need. In many cases you will have a service tailored to your specific business model. It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice or an experienced international trader, service levels will be adapted to your requirements.